About Us

At Développement TOD Inc, we specialize in the construction of multi-residential buildings in the Laval region. We distinguish ourselves by our expertise in management and development of real estate projects. Our team of experienced professionals supervises the building and controls the compliance of the requirements during each stage of the work.

Our goal is to provide high-quality construction while meeting costs and schedules.



Our mission is to plan, organize and coordinate the construction project. Our skills allow us to ensure the follow-up and quality of the execution of the work. We manage all the stakeholders involved in the construction.


We develop real estate projects by ensuring quality design and construction in prime locations. Our team ensures the planning of all phases of development. Our knowledge and skills allow us to manage all aspects and stages of real estate projects.


Our projects are focused on the design of rental properties in neighborhoods focused on public transit. Designed to meet the needs expressed by the population, our urban design environments are located within walking distance of major access points on the public transit system.  A Développement TOD building is a quality of life in a modern and innovative environment.

Completed projects

Milo Building (Immeuble Milo)

Orly Building (Immeuble Orly)

Ongoing projects

Java Building (Immeuble Java)

Delivery in 2025


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